VolunteersFrom our 150 volunteers, a different small group goes out every night, 365 days of the year to offer practical and emotional assistance to homeless people in Croydon. We have no paid staff, all our work is voluntary.

Volunteers are involved in different tasks. Some volunteers do not work directly with the homeless, but contribute by making food, buying goods for us, administrative work or fundraising.

Volunteers are drawn widely from the Croydon community. Many are Christian but we are a secular organisation and we also have volunteers from other faith organisations.  A group from the Sikh community comes out several times a month bringing very welcome food; the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association in Croydon has been supporting us consistently. There are also those of no particular faith but who also wish to contribute to the community in a practical way.

We receive many calls from people who want to volunteer at Christmas and so are often over subscribed at this time.   It may help to know we would not have people out for the first and only time at Christmas.  A volunteer will have had to learn the ropes on an earlier night before we would rely on them to come out on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve.

Contact our volunteer co-ordination, by email, please: fiona@croydonnightwatch.org.uk